Students need news they can understand.

Now more than ever, students need news they can trust and understand. From gun violence to climate change to race relations, Gen Z is one of the most politically active generations this country has ever seen. But this audience is going critically underserved. Most news is either crafted for older audiences without context for younger viewers, or is overly sensational, partisan or both.

And despite knowing that a cornerstone of any democracy is a thoughtful, engaged citizenry, the news is going untaught in our high school classrooms. In today’s hyper-partisan climate, some teachers are hesitant to discuss politics, but more often than not, teachers just don’t have time to give more than a passing glance to the day’s news. They lack easy-to-use, unbiased resources that help students understand and discuss the news in context.

NOTICE aims to change that. Our mission is simple: explain the news to high schoolers. We want to give teachers weekly content and resources to incorporate the news into their classrooms to help America’s students become thoughtful, engaged citizens.

This fall, we’ll be launching a new, five minute weekly explainer series on YouTube and this website that teachers will be able to seamlessly integrate into their classrooms. Each episode will come with discussion questions, an interactive quiz and links to further resources.

But we need your help.

But before we can do that, we need your help! We about to launch a new campaign on Kickstarter that will fund pilots for our fall season.

If you’re a teacher or parent who would like to support us in the future, or find out more about our upcoming season, please join our mailing list!


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