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Monday, February 24, 2020

ON THIS EPISODE: Angie breaks down the cheating scandal thats rocking the baseball world right now. Plus, we take a look at what the outbreak of the coronavirus has done to the world economy, and how it could effect you.

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Cornavirus, the Economy, and You
Baseball Cheating Scandal
Cornavirus, the Economy, and You

The outbreak of the coronavirus is not just a danger to people's health, it could also be a big danger to the world's economy—and that could have an impact on you. How?

Baseball Cheating Scandal

The Houston Astros are embroiled in a cheating scandal right now—and it's consuming the baseball world. A report from Major League Baseball found that team was illegally using video technology in 2017 to steal opposing teams' signs.  It's the same year they won the World Series.


Here are the three big stories highlighted in today's episode of Notice News:

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders wins the Nevada Caucuses while the rest battle for second place. The New York Times describes his win there this way: "His triumph will provide a burst of momentum that may make it difficult for the still-fractured moderate wing of the Democratic Party to slow his march to the nomination." Here are 6 takeaways from Sen. Sanders' win there from CNN or watch Sen. Sanders' victory speech
  • Russia is trying to help Sen. Sanders win the Democratic nomination: First reported by the Washington Post, and then confirmed by the campaign itself, U.S. intelligence officials last week warned Sen. Sanders that Russia was trying to intervene in the election on his behalf. Sanders responded by warning Russia to stay out of our election. The Post reports that it's unclear what "form that Russian assistance has taken." In 2016, Russians used social media to help sow dissension among voters (NBC News).  
  • The US and the Taliban had agreed to a week-long reduction in violence in Afghanistan: After two decades of war there, both sides are hoping this reduction of violence will lead to a broader peace deal, NPR reports. Some 12,000 American troops remain in the country. Here's a good explanation of the war in Afghanistan, how it started, and what's going on now from the BBC. 

Take the Quiz:

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US intelligence officials warned the Bernie Sanders campaign last week that which campaign was trying to interfere in the election on his behalf?

2 / 6

Apple says the coronavirus will make them lose money. Why?

3 / 6

Sign stealing is illegal in baseball, no matter how you do it.

4 / 6

The coronavirus outbreak could lead to shortages or price increases on all the of the following products except...

5 / 6

How did the Houston Astros  alert batters of what pitches were coming in an elaborate scheme to steal signs in 2017?

6 / 6

The United States and the Taliban have agreed to a week-long reduction in violence in hopes of bringing peace to what country?

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Thought Starters:

After watching the episode, consider discussing the following questions.

  • In regards to products produced in China, why would shortages potentially cause price increases in the United States?
  • What inferences could be made about the Walt Disney Company given that it closed its parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai as a precautionary measure?
  • The video stated that so far, containment of the Coronavirus has helped dampen the effects on the global economy. Why might this not continue to be true if the virus potentially continues to spread, especially in countries outside China?
  • Why might some of Major League Baseball’s most famous players not think that the Astros getting fined and some top executives losing their positions are enough of a punishment for the team having cheated?
  • Do you think the Astros should be stripped of their championship title? Why or why not? Who would be all the different parties affected by such a decision?
  • What could be the impact or significance of a star athlete like LeBron James, who is not a baseball player, using social media to weigh in on the national conversation regarding the Astros with his opinion?

Read the Transcript:

These one-time World Series Champions are at the center of the biggest cheating scandal in sports – in years – I’m gonna break it down for you and tell you what’s on the line. Plus: What the coronavirus means for the world’s economy – and what that means for you. And: A recap of all the big stories happening right now. This… is Notice. Read the full transcript.

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