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Transcript for Monday, February 24

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Angie: These one-time World Series Champions are at the center of the biggest cheating scandal in sports – in years – I’m gonna break it down for you and tell you what’s on the line. Plus: What the coronavirus means for the world’s economy – and what that means for you. And: A recap of all the big stories happening right now. This… is Notice.

SEG 1: Latest News

Hey guys, Angie here. Before we get to all that, here are the three biggest stories you need to know about right now.

Number one: Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucuses over the weekend ….with Joe Biden coming in a distant second.

Number two: U.S. intelligence officials warned the Sanders campaign last week that Russia is trying to interfere in the race and help him get the nomination.

And number three: The U.S. and the Taliban have agreed to a week-long reduction in violence in Afghanistan. Both sides hope this will lead to a broader peace deal.

SEG 2: Coronavirus and the Economy

Here’s one effect of the coronavirus outbreak you may not have expected: How it could affect the economy and you, personally. Think about it… everything in the world’s economy is interconnected. What happens there effects what we do here.

For example, so many of the products we buy were either made in China or contain parts that were made in China. To help contain the spread of the virus, the Chinese have ordered factories closed, especially in the area where the virus first broke out. That disruption in production or supply chains could mean shortages here in the U.S. or price increases, especially in things like computers, smart phones, and cars.

Apple even told investors last week they’re not going to make as much money as they expected this year because of those closed factories slowing everything down. And the cheaper version of iPhone 9, expected to launch in march, has been pushed back to at least April.

And there’s more. People in China aren’t just barred from going to work, they are staying home entirely skipping vacations. Disney has closed both its theme parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai as precautionary measures and says those park closures will cost the company nearly $200 million over the next two months alone.

Further, some 6 million people visit the U.S. from China every year according to USA Today, with each visitor spending over six thousand dollars on their trip. Those visits to the U.S. are expected to fall about 30% – thanks to this outbreak. Less visitors means less money for businesses who depend on tourists to make a profit.

So far though, the containment of the virus has helped dampen the effects on the global economy. But if the virus continues to spread, especially outside of China, that may not continue to be true.

SEG 3: Baseball Cheating Scandal

Baseball season is right around the corner. But right now, the baseball world is on fire because of this: “bang bang there was the change-up takes it. Now, if you’re not familiar with baseball, that might not seem like a big deal. But what the Astros were doing there was technically cheating.

Before a pitcher throws a pitch, the catcher signals to the pitcher what kind of pitch to throw, like a fastball, a slider, etcetera. Teams regularly watch for signs and try to decode them. That’s called stealing signs and that’s not technically illegal. What is illegal is using equipment from outside the game, from video cameras to binoculars, to do so.

In 2017, the year they won the World Series, the Astros used their video replay system, meant for reviewing plays they wanted to officially challenge, to steal signs. They set up a monitor behind the dugout which a player would watch and then bang on a trashcan to signal to the batter what pitch was coming. Did we mention that’s illegal?

Major League Baseball fined the Astros $5 million and the team fired some top executives. But the guy who runs baseball, the commissioner, said individual players won’t be punished.

But this week at spring training some of baseball’s biggest stars slammed the Astros, the league, and the commissioner for how all of this has been handled. When asked if the Astros should be stripped of their title, Aaron judge said this: “I just don’t think it holds any value, you cheated, you didn’t earn it.”

Even LeBron James slammed the whole situation, tweeting, quote: “I know if someone cheated me out of winning the title and I found out about it I would be (explicative) irate!”

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