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ON THIS EPISODE: We’re in the middle of the Democratic primary season, but how do you even get the nomination? Angie explains. Plus, why some U.S. government agencies are banning TikTok.

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TSA Bans TikTok
How To Get The Nomination
TSA Bans TikTok

The Transportation Safety Administration (the TSA, or those guys who scan your bags at the airport) banned its employees from posting content on TikTok. The ban comes because "national security experts have raised concerns about TikTok's collection and handling of user data and personal information, locations and other content," according to CBS News. TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The government has reportedly been investigating TikTok as a potential national security threat since November (NY Times).

How To Get The Nomination

The path to become the Democratic nominee for President is not short, and it is not easy. Instead of a single primary day, there are contests (both primaries and caucuses) throughout the country of a period of months in which candidates win delegates. The candidate with a majority of delegates, wins. But it's more complicated than that... The NEw York Times breaks down how to win the Democratic Nomination, and why it could get complicated.


Also, tomorrow is Super Tuesday. What's at stake? Fourteen states will votes and nearly one third of the delegates will be awarded. Check out this explainer from the Washington Post on what Super Tuesday is and why it's important.


Here are the top three stories right now:

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden won big in South Carolina. According to CNN, Biden won just under 50% of the votes, adding 36 delegates to his total. He's now in second place in delegate count after Sen. Bernie Sanders. More: See the full results (CNN), how many delegates each candidate has now (CNN), and 4 takeaways from Biden's win and how it impact the rest of the campaign (NPR).
  • The first death from the Coronavirus has been confirmed in the United States. According to CNN, the patient was a Washington state man in his 50's with underlying health conditions. As of Sunday night, there were over 70 confirmed cases in the US. Officials are warning that more cases in the US are expected (NPR).
  • The US and the Taliban have signed a peace deal. The deal signals an end to the war in Afghanistan, 18 years after the US first invaded after 9/11. The deal "could see the withdrawal of all American and allied forces in the next 14 months and allow President Donald Trump to keep a key campaign pledge to extract the U.S. from 'endless wars,'" the Associated Press reports.

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The US government is concerned about its employees using TikTok because of all but which of the following?

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If no candidate has a majority of delegates on the first ballot at the Democratic convention this summer, which of the following will NOT happen on the second ballot?

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Who won the South Carolina primary for the Democratic nomination on Saturday?

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True or False: Whoever gets the most votes becomes the Democratic nominee for President.

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Which military conflict is the longest of America's wars?

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TikTok is owned by a company based in what country?

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Thought Starters:

After watching the episode, consider discussing the following questions.

  • What might be some results or consequences of there having been a death from the Coronavirus in the United States?
  • What would make a convention contested? Provide at least one scenario that could cause this.
  • What issues might voters have with the practice of superdelegates voting on a potential second round, or even claimed delegates voting for whoever they want on a second round?
  • What could be unintended consequences of there being a brokered convention, or a convention where a candidate doesn’t have a majority of the delegates, thus multiple rounds of voting would take place?
  • What would be some reasons for government agencies to ban their employees from using TikTok?

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