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ON THIS EPISODE: What’s all the fuss over the Coronavirus? Angie answers four key questions. Plus, the U.S. has signed a deal to bring peace to Afghanistan after nearly two decades of war.

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The War in Afghanistan
Coronavirus Questions
The War in Afghanistan

Last week, the U.S. and the Taliban signed a deal to hopefully bring peace to Afghanistan. Here are some resources to more fully understand what's at stake.

Coronavirus Questions

As the deadly Coronavirus spreads, you might be asking some basic questions. We can't answer every question in the show, so here are some links to trustworthy sources to answer more questions. Beware though, not all questions have absolute answers at this point, as scientists are just starting to understand this virus.

Take the Quiz:

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The U.S. first invaded Afghanistan following which event?

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Which country does NOT border Afghanistan?

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Which of these groups do authorities consider LESS likely than the others to be at risk of contracting the Coronavirus?

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Why do scientists think the current death rate for the Coronavirus might be lower than 3.5%?

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How long has the War in Afghanistan lasted?

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True or False: Coronavirus will go away completely once it gets warm outside.

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Thought Starters:

After watching the episode, consider discussing the following questions.

  • Why do some scientists think that the death rate from Coronavirus might actually be lower than the presently understood 3.5%?
  • How could it be a problem that many with the Coronavirus show only mild symptoms, especially at the beginning?
  • Why is it important to refer to facts and information you can trust when trying to learn about the Coronavirus?
  • What could have been some reasons for U.S. citizens having a declining interest in or support for the war in Afghanistan since Osama BinLaden was killed?

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